Thriller full of truth and regret

DUMBO, Legs, Smokey, Egghead, Bridge, Fang and Goose, who lives with his boyfriend above their antiques shop in South Shields.

All nicknames of a schoolboy gang, the Mag 7.

But more than 20 years on, they're all in different places in their lives - lives that in some cases don't bear close inspection when enquiries start to be made on a school reunion internet site, Schoolfrenz.

Into the mix comes Georgina Haywell, adopted at birth and whose desire to trace her natural mother sets her on the revengeful but false (or is it?) trail of a rapist.

And then there's Shirley Bonnett, whose life in Australia is turned upside down when her husband is murdered.

Their various searches bring them, and the survivors of Mag7, in the end to Tyneside; to face regrets and difficult explanations as well as equally painful truths, and ultimately also a vicious killer.

Ray Crowther's book is a complicated, multi-stranded story that deals with adult themes, with lots of detail and dialogue that zips along at mach speed.

Schoolfrenz, by Ray Crowther, is published in paperback by Panglossian Books, ISBN: 0-9541110-3-6, available at retail and internet bookstores, or visit