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School reunions can be dangerous

The lives of four apparently unconnected people change forever when they visit the school reunion Internet site - Schoolfrenz.

Richard Bard has just been released from prison. He believes this time he really is going straight until he encounters someone who reminds him he has an old teenage score to settle.

Following the death of her parents Georgina Haywell is shocked to discover she was adopted at birth. The quest to find her natural mother and father leads to a more disturbing truth, and now she wants revenge.

David Sterry heads an architect's practice. His working and domestic life begins to fall apart when his nemesis from 20 years ago attempts to contact him. 

Shirley Bonnett is content with her life in Australia until her husband is viciously killed. Dissatisfied with police progress, her own investigation leads her to Tyneside and a schoolboy gang called the Mag7.

As the four pursue their personal causes, they visit Schoolfrenz and a common past emerges. 
The present is a tale of surprises, and the future holds retribution and murder.

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